The Frogs!



As you might have guessed, we’re pretty fond of frogs over here at Frog Moon Hollow! I mean, who wouldn’t love these great, green beasts, brimming with personality (click here for more about my life-long love affair with these amphibian wonders)!!

So, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our frog friends who live here with us at Frog Moon Hollow. There’s Winky and Vern and Fred, and we can’t forget One-eyed Jack and the magnificent, massive King Frog. They all have their own unique personality and quirks.

Today’s frog is Winky. He’s a regular around these parts, always waiting by the pond for a visitor, sitting on his favorite mossy rock by the baby burdock leaves or just bobbing about, as you see here. He’s a real character, happy and welcoming like a slimy green Pooh Bear. And he loooooves to have his picture taken…

winky close up


Winky 2

Thanks for the great shots, Winky! You know we love you!

There’ll be more frogs coming your way soon!