Exploring the Essences: Vervain

Verbena Officinalis

I confess, the Vervain used in the Bach remedies is the beautiful, delicate variety shown here: Verbena Officinalis. But I couldn’t resist the Blue Vervain (Verbena Hastata) cover photo…it has such abundant exuberance!

Greetings! Welcome to my first installment of posts exploring the world of Bach flower remedies (or essences–the official Bach term is “remedy,” but they can be used interchangeably). Today, we’ll begin with Vervain. Why? Well, because it’s a remedy that is near and dear to my own heart–one of my own personal constitutional or “type” essences.

Vervain “types” or those experiencing a Vervain imbalance are often characterized by a sharply pronounced sense of justice and injustice. Right and wrong are not abstract concepts, but very tangible black and white realities to them. As a result, they are generally quite loyal and trustworthy.

If you have a cause or project that you are trying to promote, a Vervain is who you want in your corner. They will work fervently, tirelessly, and enthusiastically for a good cause and the work itself will be its own reward. They have a fundamental need to feel that they are doing good work–whatever type of work that might be. But make sure that it is truly a worthwhile cause or venture before you bring them on board. If they find out that you have misrepresented yourself or your cause, well…lookout.

Don’t cross a Vervain! If you wrong them, you will not be easily forgiven. You may spend a lifetime trying to win back their love and trust. You’ve broken their cardinal rule and violated their strong inner compass of right and wrong. This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with them all the time. You can have your own opinion and perspective, but you need to be honest and upfront about it. They will respect that. They may not like your position, but they will honor your right to hold it. But any sign of deceit or betrayal and you will be crossed off their list, probably permanently.

A Vervain is often great in a crisis (as are the vine types, though for different reasons). They will be right in the midst of everything to give a helping hand and make sure that everyone is safe and well and protected, especially when innocents (children, animals, the marginalized or oppressed) are concerned.

A Vervain imbalance can come across as judgmental, unyielding, everything painted in stark black and white. Although their exuberance can be inspiring, their strident nature can be overwhelming for those around them and their standards hard to live up to. Vervain in balance works for justice and the good, but has room for flexibility and allowing shades of grey–room for forgiveness and compassion, even for those who make mistakes and do “wrong” on occasion.

Keep in mind that everyone is unique, and these energetic imbalances may manifest in different ways, particular to each individual. But if this description resonated with you, and you recognize these traits in yourself, spending some time with Vervain essence may help bring you back into balance and offer you the ability to move through the world in a more positive way.

The words here are my own interpretations of the remedies after 20+ years experience working intimately with them. They are not intended as medical diagnosis or treatment. To read the description of this remedy as set down by Dr. Edward Bach himself, go here.   

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