Welcome to Frog Moon Hollow. We’re so glad you stopped by!

What is Frog Moon Hollow, you may ask? Is it a real place? Why, yes! Frog Moon Hollow is the magical, miraculous home, woods, and frog paradise of the Trapani family, nestled in the woods of Vermont. Here, we live, love, heal, celebrate, and create in harmony.

But Frog Moon Hollow is so much more than those creatures who inhabit  it–so much more than just the sum of its parts. It is also a state of mind, a way of being in the world and with nature. This website is a window into that world where magic and wonder still exist and we can let the worries and preconceptions of the world wash away, and reclaim our childhood joy. Through this little virtual doorway, we can share our universe of marvelous serenity and mystical surprises around every corner. We hope you’ll sign up for our newsletter and become part of the Frog Moon Hollow family!