The Trapanis


Photo credit: Kim Cocaggnia


Tara is a Bach Flower Essence practitioner with 20 years of experience working with, and training in, the essences. She believes that the plants hold infinite wisdom, if only we can stop and listen.

She has a passion for, and 15 years experience in, genealogical research and family history.  She would be honored to help connect you with your personal history. She also does legacy and memorial work with individuals and families and is currently in training as an end-of-life doula.

She also holds a graduate degree from Yale University in Ethics and extensive undergraduate work in religious studies. She has 17 years of experience in non-profit and educational administration, and is the project coordinator for the 2011 Emmy Award-winning film, Journey of the Universe. She is an experienced event planner and organizer, and has run events all over NYC, Connecticut, Vermont, and beyond. She is experienced in proofreading/editing/manuscript preparation (MLA and Chicago style) and has prepared academic manuscripts for many publishers including: Yale University Press, Columbia University Press, Island Press, Orbis Books, Haworth Press. She is also experienced in writing web and print copy. Tara writes personal essay, creative non-fiction, non-fiction articles on areas of interest, and personal and family narratives.

In her spare time, she lovingly handcrafts original prayer flags, personal altars, collage art, notecards, and more and shares her written and visual reflections on planet, spirit, and the euphoric north.


Paul has 23+ years experience creating fabulous sets and working behind the scenes on all levels for Broadway, Lincoln Center, movies, and television. He has been a top-notch finish carpenter for 30+ years, who also enjoys making whimsical woodcrafts. Paul is also a uniquely offbeat party DJ, with a passion for the perfect nostalgia of vinyl.


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