Bach Flower Essences



What are the Bach Flower Remedies?
In the early 1900s, Dr. Edward Bach–a British medical doctor and scientist–began to see a link between the physical health of his patients and their stress level and emotions. He sought out a system that would treat the individual themselves (their state of mind and emotions), thereby addressing the source of their ills, instead of merely treating the symptoms and the end result, as it manifested in illness and disease. After some years of research, he began to use his system in his private practice, to amazing results.
Treatment with the Bach flower remedies seeks to bring the individual back into balance, thereby restoring them to health and wholeness. Now, more than 75 years after Dr. Bach made the mind-body connection and developed this system, the Journal of the American Medical Association has stated that over 90% of all disease and illness is caused by stress.
Science has taught us that everything in our world—animate and inanimate—has a distinct vibrational frequency that can be measured and altered. The remedies are made from extremely dilute plant matter that retains the vibration of each flower, tree, plant, etc. When an individual is out of mental/emotional balance, their own vibration is very low. The particular plants used in the Bach remedies vibrate at a very high frequency, thereby raising the vibrational frequency of an individual when taken, bringing them back into alignment.
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