Exploring the Essences: White Chestnut

Happy Memorial Day! Today is the second installment in our new series, Exploring the Essences. Today we’re going to look at another essence that is near and dear to my own heart: White Chestnut, which comes from the flowers of the Horse Chestnut tree (Aesculus hippocastanum). The negative White Chestnut state is characterized by worry, specifically worrying thoughts that we just can’t leave alone, like a scab we won’t allow to heal.¬† An individual in a negative White Chestnut state […]


For the Love of Nettles!

Spring is in full flower here at Frog Moon Hollow! The frogs and salamanders are playfully splashing about the pond and the peepers sing us to sleep every evening. Our deeply-loved hummingbird family has returned to us once again, and Peep the chipmunk is busily darting back and forth from his secluded nook beneath the front stone steps to his (not quite) secret cache at the back of the firewood stack. I’m abundantly overjoyed that I am out there each […]

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“We’re All Stories in the End”

This is one of my very favorite quotes from Doctor Who (I suppose the fact that I not only have a favorite Doctor Who quote, but multiples, is letting my geek show through a bit!). The first time I read this to my husband, he found it profoundly depressing, which came as a real surprise to me. As a very in-the-moment kind of person, he saw it as a sad testament to the fleeting nature of life–an unpleasant reminder of […]


Preserve Your Data!

Greetings! Here’s your Monday Family History Moment for the week. This topic may not be the most romantic or glamorous aspect of genealogy, but it’s one I feel so strongly about that I want you to have this information right up front, before you delve too deeply into your research. Let me tell you a story… In 2004, I became very enthusiastic about researching a particular line of mine–the Driscolls who hailed from West Cork and settled in Oswego, NY […]

Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata)
Ottawa County, Michigan
July 13

Exploring the Essences: Vervain

Greetings! Welcome to my first installment of posts exploring the world of Bach flower remedies (or essences–the official Bach term is “remedy,” but they can be used interchangeably). Today, we’ll begin with Vervain. Why? Well, because it’s a remedy that is near and dear to my own heart–one of my own personal constitutional or “type” essences. Vervain “types” or those experiencing a Vervain imbalance are often characterized by a sharply pronounced sense of justice and injustice. Right and wrong are […]

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Beginning the Journey…into Your Past

So you want to learn about your family history? Fabulous! Perhaps you want to record your family tree as a legacy to leave to your children and grandchildren, or you want to find out more about your ancestral culture. Or maybe you’re simply curious and want to know where the heck you came from! Whatever your motivation, learning about our ancestors can be a profound experience, connecting us to our deep and firmly rooted past. But how to begin? The […]


House Concerts 2015

We just ended our first season of fabulously fun house concerts down at the Hollow. A big hug and a thank you to all of the great bands who graced our home with their music: Max Garcia Conover, The Ghost of Paul Revere, Soulstice, Dave Keller, Brother Bob White, The Moon Frogs, Twangtown Paramours, Small Axe, and Pocket Vinyl! That was a heckuva year! Go here to check out a few of the highlights or check out our Facebook¬†page for […]


Spinning in the Stars

Spinning in the Stars: Reflections on Spirit, Planet, and the Euphoric North is my creative writing site where I love to share my thoughts and imaginings on nature, cosmic wonder, and the simpler everyday miracles all around us. I hope you’ll come join me there!

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Welcome to Frog Moon Hollow! We’re so glad you stopped by! What is Frog Moon Hollow, you may ask? Is it a real place? Why, yes! Frog Moon Hollow is our magical, miraculous home, woods, and frog paradise, nestled in the woods of Vermont. Here, we live, love, and create! We strive to bring inspired writing and lovingly-made handcrafts into the world. But Frog Moon Hollow is also a state of mind–a way of being in the world and with […]


Zuzu’s Corner!

We’d like to introduce everyone to Zuzu, the Amazing Shih Tzu. She’s just about the funniest most fabulous creature ever to walk the Earth (or curl up on a couch). We find it super tough to not break out in a smile everytime we look at her, so we thought we’d share that fuzzy face full of joy with the world, in case you need a smile sometimes too.  

winky close up

The Frogs!

  As you might have guessed, we’re pretty fond of frogs over here at Frog Moon Hollow! I mean, who wouldn’t love these great, green beasts, brimming with personality (click here for more about my life-long love affair with these amphibian wonders)!! So, we’d like to introduce you to a few of our frog friends who live here with us at Frog Moon Hollow. There’s Winky and Vern and Fred, and we can’t forget One-eyed Jack and the magnificent, massive […]